Rev. Kerry Willis elected president

March 4, 2022

Dear members and friends of the Cape May Holiness Association:

The Board of Directors wishes to inform you of a change in leadership that has taken place.

As our last Board meeting was coming to a close, our president, Dr. Chuck Gates, announced that he was resigning effective with the end of the meeting. Dr. Gates served the Association well and assisted in moving us forward in a direction that has resulted in strengthening us as an organization. It also has contributed to building God’s Kingdom. He plans to remain an active member of the Association. When you see him on the grounds, thank him for his service to God and the community. Pray for him and his family as he moves into new roles.

Rev. Kerry Willis was nominated to replace Dr. Gates. After a phone call to him to confirm the nomination would be accepted, the Board voted to elect him to this position. Rev. Willis is the current District Superintendent of the Philadelphia District for the Church of the Nazarene. He has a long history of pastoral experience, coming to the Philadelphia area from pastoring in Virginia. He has a strong commitment to family camps, as evidenced by his direction for the Philadelphia District to hold camp meetings on the Erma Camp grounds each summer. When he is in the South Jersey area, he stays in the Erma Camp President’s cabin. When you see him on grounds, congratulate him on his new responsibilities. Pray for him as he leads us forward.


The Cape May Holiness Association Board of Directors

Rev. Kerry Willis, President
Dr. Paul Madtes, Jr., 1st Vice President
Bryan Warman, 2nd Vice President
Danielle Bush, Secretary
Dee McNulty, Treasurer
Joyce Uhrig, Financial Secretary
Ray Apana, Trustee
Bill Swan, Trustee              

Tim Gipple, Trustee
Shannon Gipple, Trustee
Rob Warman, Trustee
Rev. Dennis Williams, Trustee
David Bailey, Trustee
Bill Bone, Trustee
Rev. Jack Howard, Trustee
John McNulty, Camp Manager