Who We Are

Who We Are

Since 1912, Erma Camp has offered the message of holiness through Jesus Christ. In an ever-changing world, this message brings salvation and hope.

Zechariah 14:20—…Holy to the Lord

Erma Camp is an ideal environment for adults, youth, and children to spend quality time with God and with each other.

Officers and Board Members:

President Kerry Willis (’23)
1st Vice President Paul Madtes Jr. (’24)
2nd Vice President Dennis Williams (’24)
Secretary Danielle Bush (’23)
Treasurer Dee McNulty (’23)
Financial Secretary Joyce Uhrig (’24)
Ray Apana (’24)
David Bailey (’23)
Bill Bone (’23)
Shannon Gipple (’25)
Tim Gipple (’24)
Paul Hope (’24)
Jack Howard (’23)
Bryan Warman (’25)
Rob Warman (Head Trustee) (’25)
Non-Voting Members
Oren Woodward (Emeritus member)
John McNulty (Camp Manager)
Mike and Judi Klingele (Camp Caretakers)