Camp Missionaries


Thom and Sherry served a two-year term as VISA Missionaries with the Free Methodist Church in Kenya and are transitioning to extended-term service. In their role of leadership development and discipleship, they worked with Springs of Hope Bible School; led seminars with the Free Methodist Church of Kenya; and led one-on-one and small group Bible studies with local university students. After a period of partnership building in the U.S., they will return to Africa to work with the Evart Bible College in Tanzania. There they anticipate work as consultants and lecturers at the Bible school which was established to train pastors and leaders.

Prior to their missionary service in Africa, Thom served as a pastor, administrator and educator. Sherry served in ministry within the church as well as in administrative roles. They have three adult children: Jon and his wife Jocelyn live in New Hampshire, Katelyn lives in Wisconsin, and James and his wife also reside in Wisconsin.